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So Id rather have the bass too loud than not loud enough. I have a 247 and the LFE is +10 just to make it balanced. So you have to turn it down the make it balanced? If so my 247 is outta here and a 254 is in
So is the LFE issues that plagued the X47s fixed with the X54s? If so my 247 is outta here!
$200 for a SSD?
I did.... I deleted my game data, my profile and the patch and in different combinations..... cant figure it out. and fwiw it worked a few months back on his, dont know if it does now... need to check and possibly grab that game data....
It should doesnt mean it will....My 60gb's optical drive took a crap, sent it to sony and they sent me a new one. I am a COD4 player, and was ranked alright with two screen names.... did the back up to an external, even saved my cod4 data on a flash drive just incase there is a problem. I get my new/refurb PS3, do the data restore, it says files are not there..... I can open it on my computer and it shows that they are Ok so that sucks, but least i have my COD4 saved game...
Man has liberalism made us all in to wusses?Suing people left and right, pathetic -back to the topic-ill disable my intraweb connection and see if that makes a difference....FWIW when I looked at my saved data, the mission that kept on freezing was there 4 times.....? I deleted 3 of them but it still froze.....
Cool I posted earlier in the thread stating that it didnt freeze...... well it did, a lot. To the point it wont load the mission.... Jumped on my other name and it loads fine.... rather annoying I have to start over... oh well 60gb refurb......
Hell yeah hes annoying, he had better die soon Wait for action? lol go on a tirade and go around running over and shooting people. Thats what I do and it works out great
toss it at the window
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