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Sounds like something is set incorrectly. The black letterbox bars on my set are pure black. In a darkened room, I can't see where the bars end and the TV begins. Black level is one of the strengths of this TV. Do you have the backlight set high? I honestly don't see a need to go above "1" and I have it at the minimum most of the time.
This is definitely not the crease. I've seen pictures and this is a much wider vertical band (about three inches or so) and it's set in further from the edge of the screen at about 8 to 10 inches. The pictures of the crease that I've seen show something very narrow and close to the edge of the screen.
I got my 55HX929 this past Friday and let me start by saying that I've never parked myself in front of a TV more than I have this past weekend. My wife and I literally spent the entire day Saturday watching this thing - it's just that amazing to look at. I can not get over how solid the blacks are on this TV. Aside from some blooming in certain circumstances, black is dead black. I'm thrilled that a decent gray scale and ultimately, a really nice image can be dialed in...
My 55HX929 that I ordered 10 days ago will be in tomorrow. Hoping for a recent build date and for a defect-free set. I'll post after I get it.
It's also known as a lens flare and it is often added intentionally either in-camera while shooting or during post production as a visual effect. In the case of the last Star Trek film, it was very purposely done and perhaps a bit overdone. I remember seeing a behind-the-scenes feature (probably on the Blu-ray) where they went into detail on how they didn't want to do it as a visual effect and for the most part, intentionally reflected light into the anamorphic lenses used...
That's certainly one part of the equation, but I'm assuming that not all third party warranty providers are equal when it comes to making good on warranty claims. I'm just looking at them the same way I would an insurance company and that's the reason for asking. The 5-year Sony warranty is $299 - is there something comparable via a reputable third party provider? I've just been out of the loop for a while.
More than likely, it would be a smooth ride getting it home and I can probably get it close to vertical in my Grand Cherokee, but probably best not to chance it. I just hope the thing comes in this week. I'm jumping out of my skin to get it as it'll be a serious upgrade from my recently departed Samsung DLP.
I expect the 55HX929 that I ordered locally to come in this week and I have the choice of picking it up myself or having them deliver it. I'd prefer to just go pick it up and the boxed TV will fit comfortably in my Jeep, but is there any reason not to transport these TVs laying flat or do they need to stay vertical? It's about 45 minute drive. Lastly, after having my previous TV die prematurely I'm very much considering getting an extended warranty. Should I go with the...
I have a 3DC-100S for sale. My Samsung DLP just died so I no longer have a use for it. It's seen extremely light use and includes two sets of glasses, transmitter, power supply, demo disc, HDMI cable and owner's manual. It's hardly been used and is in very nice condition. I'll send you an email.Update: SOLD.
I've had an HL-T5089S since it was released and for the most part, it's been trouble-free until a few days ago. I noticed some occasional and subtle color flickering/shifting over the course of a few days that would only last for a few seconds at a time. The next day after only having the TV on for about 20 minutes, the picture went extremely red and then extremely dark, almost to the point that it looked like the TV had shut off, but I could still a very dark moving...
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