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For the money its hard to beat a medium or low speed model of the yate loons at 7v. I've had some for at least 7 years that are still going strong and are still very quiet even run horizontally.
Thanks Jon. I've considered that, but due to the layout of the basement it might not be possible. Its going to have to be a mixed use room and not just a dedicated theater. Because of that the tv may have to go on the long wall of the basement rather than the short wall, and an AT screen sticking out an extra foot to accommodate the speaker behind it will not only be visible, but take up much needed space. Actually, looking at your build thread, your room is not that...
This corrects in the time domain so i believe it shapes phase.
Hello all, I recently purchased Bhazards 30" seos towers to be used in the media room of my house, whenever we get around to finishing the basement. I've already started thinking about options for the center channel. Obviously I could build a 3rd SEOS 12 / TD12X tower to match the L/R. However, I'm not sure that will be possible due to size/height. I've been looking at some of the other options that are out there (i.e. the malcolm, potentially a volt coax) but wanted...
Both are good but from everything that i have read the Xonar is supposed to be slightly better than the Halo XT.
The meridian had an AKM AK4396 DAC, 120db SNR. Not bad overall and could definitely be a lot better than a low end or mid-range receiver. OP, as a replacement you might want to look at the Asus Xonar ST with H6 board if you have a PCI slot. Great card. Has a Burr Bown PCM 1792A DAC, 127db SNR FYI.
Not an expert on this at all but here is a white paper on the subject:http://www.dirac.se/media/12044/on_room_correction.pdfMy understanding is, on a very simple level, that it corrects in both the time and frequency domain which is what allows for the improvement to impulse response.
In reality its not that flat, that represents the theoretical result with correction. Having measured before and after it does make a big difference however, particularly with impulse response.It was $650 at intro, they seem to have recently raised the price as i bought it earlier in the year for ~$650.
If only i wasnt paying for a wedding :sigh:
True. One thing that you can say is that it definitely wont have any thermal compression
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