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Not sure anyone else has seen this but my 55GT50 has developed what I can only describe as a faint green haze in a couple areas on the screen. It also has burn in that developed well after 200hours of use. The tv tech that SquareTrade sent out said the entire panel was going bad. He didn't dig much further than just visually acknowledge the issue and took pictures to verify. Should I expect some kind of scrap allowance from SquareTrade? Just wondering if anyone had any...
Got my 55 inch gt50 in today. Set up was pretty easy and the screen awesome, using BlackOps day time settings right now.
So I guess asking if anyone has good calibration settings for this VR6025Z is out of the question? My dad bought one about a year ago...I tried getting it set up by eyeball but just haven't ever been satisfied. FWIW...other than motion blur via Dish Network the picture has been moderately decent but you can tell it's a cheap LCD. I've not discovered any major panel issues and this one was purchased from a recovered goods outlet for around $450.
I'm considering a TC-P55GT50 and was wanting recommendations on a wall mount. I don't need anything fancy...just standard low profile mount. Are the monoprice options a good way to go or do I need to look at something else? Should I really consider a wall mount with tilt and swivel? I've never done a wall mount before. Thanks for the responses.
Just bought the 2112ci a couple weeks ago. I'm just now starting to get time to really play with it. First impressions: I'm very happy with the sound quality and video...there is a very noticeable difference between it and my old Onkyo 604. Played with the networking the past couple nights, got my ipad remote setup, have toyed with airplay some. Seems to bog down my network so I may have to figure out what I can do there...the internet has been dragging and the only change...
http://www.minisplitsystems.com/cgi/...i?item_num=AS1 I just ran across this and thought I'd link it here. For those of you looking for a solution of extracting heat and/or moving in cool air into a A/V closet...this might be a solution to consider. I am not affiliated with the company from the link above and this may something that's already "known" on this forum. I am in the HVAC industry and this subject came up and one of the solutions was this room to room...
To hijack this thread.... My brother called and said his Onkyo 674 has went out...wanted to buy a Sony. I told him to stop for a moment and think through this. Said they get good reviews from Crutchfield...anyway his budget is $500.00. He's got a pretty decent 7.1 surround system...mainly causal game playing and tv watching. Most of the movies are watched in his theater room. He likes a warm sound and likes to have plenty of eq options. I told him to look for a...
I keep forgetting about madisound.com, I may use them when I put a new system in my 54 Ford F-100. I'm still rocking a couple crunch 8'' subwoofers and some walmart brand 6x9's that are about rotted out. Actually the subwoofers are still in good shape at last check. I thought about using some Bravox components in some custom kick panels along with a really good tweeter, don't want to get too carried away...no door locks on the 54!
For wiring and amp kits http://www.knukonceptz.com/index.cfm Not sure about your other questions. Might help to list the make and model of your car in order to get a feel for what would work best. Crutchfield is a good place to go and plug in your car make and model and it will give you what fits etc etc.
Have to go back in and do a remount once I get some screws long enough...it sounds really good with nice tight bass. I'll wait until it's mounted permanently to do all my fine tuning.
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