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My brother edits video for local sports for our regional sport's network, and although these forums are generally for home theater display reviews and advice, I figured this site would still be a good place to look for advice for him. He hasn't been able to decide between the ASUS-PA279Q and the NEC-PA272W. He hasn't been able to see either of these monitors on display in person, so we've only been able to look at the specs for each model online. Are any of you familiar...
I will soon be replacing my front floor standing L/R speakers. I currently run a 5.1 setup, but my receiver is capable of up to 7.1, so is there anyway that I can integrate the old floor standing speakers into a 7.1 setup when I purchase my new floor standing fronts? Thanks!
I want to know what type of speakers that I should use for the front height speakers for 7.1. I want to use klipsch, which I already have for the 5.1, and I don't know what I should use. Any ideas?
I am waiting for the arrival of my Hori Arcade Pro arcade stick for the Xbox 360. I see that there are many fairly easy customization options for the sticks, but I don't know the reliable sites from which to purchase parts. I am looking at different restrictor plates and handles for the stick, but I will leave the regular buttons. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!
Can anyone point me in the direction of the best settings for gaming on the TV? I used dnice's settings as well as broke the tv in properly, and i must say that it looks superb, but I want to know if there are any suggestions for gaming. I mainly play FPS on the XBOX 360.
I mostly play FPS on XBL, and I want to know what has the most effect on my online gaming experience. I have a decent download, which is 25MB/s, but I have a low upload speed, which is 1.5MB/s. Does upload speed have an effect on gaming, or is it download speed that should be the main concern. I have Optimum Online. Thanks!
Which picture aspect should I use? Picture 1 or Picture 2? I have fully prepped the set as well as used the proper picture settings.
I just received my 60ST30, and I am more than pleased with the set. I want to make sure that my set runs at its best, and I want to "break it in" and calibrate it properly. I read that prior to using supposedly optimal setting from another site (which I will not mention here), I should run "break in" slides that should age the screen properly. Is there any step by step instructions on how to use the break in slides? Can I run them while I am out and not damage...
I just received my ST 30, and it is all set up. I also currently have an Onkyo 605 receiver. Is it possible to hear the audio from the built in NetFlix/Viera Apps through my receiver, or will I need to continue to use another device that is hooked up to the receiver to watch NetFlix?
I currently have an old pair of Bose noise canceling headphones, and I am in the market for a new set. I found out online that there are bluetooth noise canceling headphones, and Sennheiser is supposed to make a few excellent sets. I am currently debating two of the sets. The two sets I am that I like are the PXC 360 BT and the MM 550. I have been unable to find these two headphones in any local stores, so I am trying to make a decision based on Sennheiser's...
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