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After looking at all of the facts now about DDT, Carson was right.
Then CBS late night ratings would tank instead of it happening to NBC.
McDonalds sells more hamburgers than anyone else and Taco Bell is the biggest Mexican food chain. I wouldn't say that they have the best hamburgers or tacos. Would you?
You can get far more than lifeline cable for reasonable prices. I just told you my situation, yet you choose not to bring it up. I guess people are right about you.
One of the biggest reasons I don't miss the old AMC (or watch TCM that often) is because I can get all of those old movies at my local library. And many are available on one of the major streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime).
AMC? AMC has some of best programming on television today! FX is another channel with great programming that's better than 90% of what's on any ota network nowadays. While it may not appeal to you, those channels are nowhere near crap.
I dropped Dish and bundled tv with my internet/phone provider and ended up paying $35 per month for tv for a $40 savings. Of course I own my equipment (Tivo's, HTPC w/ WMC, Xbox 360's, cable modem) so I avoid all of those overpriced equipment fees (except for two cable cards). But I get pay-tv channels on four sets now instead of the two I had connected to Dish.We tried cord-cutting this summer and decided that there was just a lot more high-qualty programming on pay-tv...
No need to duck from me. With the exception of the Thanksgiving games (because of others) I've been "Lions-free" for five years now!
If you think the Vikings wasted years in a domed stadium, then what about my home team, the Lions?
Oh sure he was awful. But while Dalton is 0-3 in playoff games, Lewis and his staff are 0-5.
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