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With regard to re-trans fees, Aereo isn't the problem for the networks, cord-cutting is. What is the difference between someone dropping pay-tv for Aereo or dropping pay-tv and using an ota antenna? None at all, except the networks can use Aereo as an excuse to move content behind the pay wall. Now, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it is pretty convenient for the networks that Aereo, a service started by one of the industries giants, comes out when "cord-cutting" is...
The trouble with the Wild Card round, is that most of the time (not all the time), the division winner hosting the game is inferior to the wild card team that is visiting. I'm actually surprised/disappointed that teams with 8 or 9 wins can actually win a game at all, even if it is at home.As far as Cincinnati is concerned, I wouldn't put everything on Dalton. I feel that coaching has a lot to do with them having poor playoffs. How many playoff games did this team win...
WOW, what a joke! After using TVGOS on my Panny DVD-recorder, then using a Dish DVR and now a Tivo, I wouldn't ever go back to the 80's to schedule a recording.
I still can't get over the fact the Funai releases a single -tuner device that uses PSIP for recording in an era of 6-tuner devices. For $250+ it should have at least two, and maybe even offer an optional paid guide service like Channel Master did with their last dvr. Might as well buy one of those "hobbyist" devices that Amazon sells for $40. If the Echostar/CM device ever comes out, this recorder will be dead in the water.
I've been extending The Mentalist for my wife by an hour, and so far this season, it hasn't even come close to going over. But man last year was terrible. I think she watched as many episodes on cbs.com as she did on the dvr.
Thanks for the tip. I hate how CBS screws dvr viewers on Sunday, so I'll keep watch with Fox tonight.
Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Don't forget FYE and local mom & pop stores that have both new and used discs. And where I live there are several Family Video stores. Still quite a few b&m locations to buy discs from if one frowns upon the ease of using Amazon.
Netflix doesn't need cable to grow. The way it's been growing it could easily reach 40 - 50 million subscribers all on it's own. Now if they want that 60 - 90 million figure, then they will need cable partners. While Netflix can be considered the enemy, due to cord-cutters and people avoiding cable subscriptions altogether using it, it has helped to build up audiences for several cable programs. It has also helped cablecos by encouraging people to pay more for better...
We have 3 Roku players (LT/HD/XS) 2 Xbox 360's and a PS3 in our home. I have to say, while I love our Roku's, the game consoles are smoother streaming devices. The Roku's do have services that aren't available on the consoles, but the consoles generally feel easier to use and one of the 360's is outputing 1080i for our one tv, a resolution that the Roku won't do. I would have to say the PS3 and 360 are tied for top dog in our house. The PS3 is great because I don't have to...
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