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We have 3 Roku players (LT/HD/XS) 2 Xbox 360's and a PS3 in our home. I have to say, while I love our Roku's, the game consoles are smoother streaming devices. The Roku's do have services that aren't available on the consoles, but the consoles generally feel easier to use and one of the 360's is outputing 1080i for our one tv, a resolution that the Roku won't do. I would have to say the PS3 and 360 are tied for top dog in our house. The PS3 is great because I don't have to...
Cable networks and audiences think differently than the ota networks and their audiences (even though it is often the same people). Serialized tv shows on ota networks have rarely been successful, unless they are soaps. Maybe people expect non-serialized programming on the ota networks and thus you have a self-fulfilling prophecy of some sort?Quite true, but looking at the overall picture, it is one of the rare exceptions to the rule.
But those are on cable networks. The only really successful serialized ota network shows have been soaps.
The value of blind testing is subjective to a person's point of view. The more expensive the equipment you sell is, the less likely you'll like blind testing.
I wonder what the medium age of the internet tv programming Netflix and Hulu have? I know my two kids (ages 21 and 18) rarely watch traditional tv (cable or ota).
This wasn't a news cast or somebodies class project. That music was paid for.
What is really weird about Rubicon, is that it is only available to watch via streaming through Amazon Prime.
I don't believe that to be the case. PBS's Masterpiece and BBC America is proof that Americans will eat up British television programming. I think this more a problem with the US production company. They want to put their own "creative vision" on the show.
The trouble is, I've seen no evidence at all that the writers are capable of writing any intelligent jokes. And if they can, then they're not talented enough to be able to translate them to a mass audience, or these "intelligent jokes" are really just crossing the line in taste. Smart sitcoms can be done on network tv, and have been done in the past. What is usually the case is that the writers aren't that good and blame their problems on the "dumb" audience. Maybe they...
It's a heck of a lot easier and less expensive to move the game time than it is to move venues, especially since all of those tickets in Oakland have been sold. And as a bonus, it gives the NFL Network a big rivalry game. A big win for the NFL Network and sports bars, a loss to CBS and a kick in the groin for people without the NFL Network in their package or are ota-only.
New Posts  All Forums: