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While I agree with you about getting any truth from Peter Moore, I have to disagree with you about SOA. They were screwed years before by SOJ. The 32X/Saturn debacle was the turning point for Sega. They were already in a hole when Moore arrived and unless there was a miracle, Sega was destined to leave the console business anyway.
While that type of programming is different, it's not the type that will cause people to buy a HD radio. Programming not only needs to unique, but it also has to be wanted. FM became successful not because those stations were edgy (although many were), but because it broadcasted stuff that people wanted but couldn't find anywhere else. Mainstream radio has gotten boring, I'm afraid that HD radio will be just like it's AM/FM brethen, but with a better signal.
People who have a PS2 and not a current gen console, for the most part, aren't really interested in the "latest and greatest". Previous years Madden games are probably good enough for the majority of them. I'm willing to bet that the majority of the PS2 version of Madden 09 sales are to people who can't afford a current gen console.
I subscribe to Gametap also ($60 per year deal!), but I'll still buy from GOG. It's nice to be able to play somewhere without an internet connection. And there should be a lot of games coming out down the road that aren't available on Gametap.
I don't sell anything either (much to my wife's horror). But I do feel the option should be there. A good point about The Sims. One of the biggest selling games in history, yet with no DRM. The trouble with these wonky DRM schemes is that it screws with legitimate users and doesn't do much against piracy. PC gaming has a hard enough time convincing casual and console gamers that it doesn't take an IT degree to enjoy it. And when these "outsiders" hear of all these...
I agree with you that this is an attempt to destroy used game sales. Thanks to so many confusing DRM schemes, I rarely see used PC games in B&M stores anymore. While, I do have some games on Steam, I've only spent $4 on those games. The vast majority of my games on Steam are freebees, gifts or HL2 mods. I just don't get why people drink the kool-aid of a company that keeps their customers from re-selling games that they bought but no longer play. I wonder how many un-used...
I felt the sarcasism was spot on. The fact that the rumor mentions six free Xbox originals should shoot it down. When the rumor first emerged, I believed it up to the part about the free games. MS may give away XBLA games, but I sure don't believe they would give away full size console games. Especially Halo, a game that still sells for $19.99 on the PC.
10 - 15 years? To be honest, outside of live sporting events or some breaking news, there isn't anything worth listening to right now! It doesn't matter if the broadcast is analog or digital, the content is boring. Sooner or later most people will suck it up and subscribe to satellite. HD Radio is just a futile attempt to keep all of these poorly managed and programed stations in business.
And like I also mentioned, the guy probably has never read a complete thread here on AVS forums. There is plenty of helpful information from very knowledgable people and the BS is quickly called out. As long as the information is helpful and correct, who cares where it comes from? Consumers Reports automatically discounts anything that comes from commercial interests, like CR doesn't have it's own agenda! I've learned a lot here and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has.
Jeez man, get real. Like others have said, TV (all entertainment really) is not a constitutional right. It's like suing the record industry because they quit making vinyl LP's and you didn't want to spend money on a CD player.
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