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I'm not depriving myself of anything. I played the pc demo and yes it was fun, but not a "must have". And I'm not bitching about it. Kudos to Penny Arcade for giving their fans a game. But, for me at least, $20 is more than I will spend on a downloadable game. If it was on a disc, I might bite.
There are plenty of quality games that sell for $60 or less on the Xbox 360 and $50 or less on the pc. And since I'm expected to pay CE prices, where's all the goodies you get with a CE? Plain and simple, the price was jacked up because Penny Arcade has such a strong following. Smart move on their part, but smarter move on my part by not supporting this.
Sounda like a boring version of Crazy Taxi. LOL
I've been a subscriber to Gametap since last October and my kids and I love it. The videos only have ads for Gametap games or articles. So you don't have to worry about watching anything about TBS or TNT. And not all videos have ads. You have an option on how much of a game you download. If you load the partial download, then the rest of the game downloads while you're playing. Or you can download the full game. Sometimes there is a huge difference in size between a...
If you visit the Steam forums, you'll see that Commando's: Strike Force and Behind Enemy Lines don't work properly, if at all. 3rd party games and Steam are a bad combination. If something goes wrong, neither Valve or the 3rd party will accept responsiblity to fix the problem. Check out the Steam forums and you'll see what I mean. I subscribe to Gametap, and I can play most of those games from them. Let's be honest, when you buy games from Steam, you don't really own...
Since you guys mentioned Sam & Max, I need to mention this. The entire first season is now available in a jewel case edition for $9.92 at Wal Mart.
In my families case, PC gaming is alive and well! My 15 year old son and I love it far more that console gaming, while my 13 year old son is about 50/50 between console and PC. The fact that I have my gaming pc hooked up to a big screen HDTV may have influenced us though.
This is why I signed up for Gametap. They have both Balder's Gate games, Planescape: Torment plus plenty of other hard to find gems. I don't have to fiddle with settings to play their DOS games and of course there's Sam & Max. To me, it's well worth the $60 per year charge. I also have had great luck recently on craigslist. I've picked up a boatload of great games for cheap lately including both Fallout games and the first Balder's Gate. Of course craigslist is hit and...
It sounds good, but let's see how it really works before we jump for joy. With DRM, there always seems to be a catch.
That's it exactly. At least Valve offered The Orange Box games on disc for the Xbox 360. This is the same reason why I dis-like Steam. XBLA games can never be passed on to someone else. And when I replaced my original unit, I can only play the full versions of those games while connected to XBL. That is pure BS. It might be better if MS didn't rip people off with their HDD prices. At least with a PS3 I can buy anyones HDD and not a specific Sony brand.
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