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Actually HD CRT RPTV's are easier to find than CRT HDTV's. Most BB/CC/Sears still have one or two laying around new in box and people on places like craigslist are dumping them at great prices (because of their huge footprint). As a matter of fact, here in the Detroit area ABC Warehouse still advertises the Hitachi sets. Really the only way to find CRT HDTV's anymore is used and if your lucky(?) a demo unit at a store.
Yes, Gamecube games are playable on the Wii. You will need to connect Gamecube controllers and memory cards though. And no, DS and GBA games cannot be played on the Wii.
It really doesn't bother me that the Wii's graphics don't match up with the other next-gen consoles. The controller is the focus point for it and not the graphics. What really bothers me is that developers are so lazy that many games don't even measure up to last gen graphics. The Wii is a souped up Gamecube, the games should look at a minumum as good as the better-looking Gamecube games. Only a few games look that good or better.
I'm not an EA basher and I do play sports games, but think of this. If any other type of game franchise (platformer, FPS, etc.) came out with the same game year after year for 20 years and just had minor changes each year, what kind of reviews would it get? That's why I'll buy a Madden or other sports franchise game every 3 - 4 years. My latest Madden is 2005 for the Gamecube, still a pretty good game. These companies are screwing their fanbase over because they can...
Even with ala-cart, cable/satellite is becoming an outdated model. I gave up on pay TV years ago. Putting popular shows on disc and now with streaming video becoming more common, who needs to pay for crap to see the good stuff. Between OTA HD (that looks better than what the pay services offer) and Netflix (which has plenty of the best pay network shows on DVD/HD-DVD/Blu Ray) I have no need for it. Sure there is stuff I no longer get to watch, but I'm paying about 1/4...
To be quite honest, I can't feel sorry for anyone who buys the same game year after year and then complains about the same problems year after year. The next gen versions haven't been as good as the last gen versions (except for graphics) since the first Xbox 360 version came out.The word drone comes to mind. Maybe if people wouldn't blindly buy Madden games year after year EA would actually fix problems. I mean is there that much of a difference between 06, 07 and 08?
Sunday Night Football - UGH
I did build my PC to be useful for several years down the road. So I won't have too many issues for future games. But most people don't have gaming PC's. There is really no reason why more games can't be developed for the common multi-purpose PC's. Once people get hooked on PC gaming, they'll get gaming PC's and the big budget games that go with them. That was the case with me.
Last fall I bought both a high-end gaming PC w/ 22" widescreen monitor and a Xbox 360 with a 37" LCD HDTV. The PC set-up cost more than the console set-up! Both of my sons and I use our PC's as the primary gaming systems and the Xbox 360 as the secondary system. So for us the PC is king. But there are a couple of things that really hold back PC gaming for the majority of people. The constant need of developers to create games that need bigger and badder rigs and the...
This is what I'm doing tonight. My 360 died over the weekend and I debated to return it to BB or send it in to MS. The BB rep told me to return it there because a refurb model with a different serial number will void the warranty. They told me that I can save my hard drive too.
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