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If you connect to the tv from further than 15 feet, your going to get some signal degradation from the PC to the TV. You should try to move your PC closer to the tv.
The standard cable that comes with the premium has component and composite output cables. There is a switch on the cable itself that has SDTV/HDTV on it when you are using the component cables. The X360 knows which cables are in it though (mine can tell the difference between component and VGA cables plugged in). So I don't think it would even ask you what resolution to output if the cable was set to SDTV. I think this is more of a TV problem.
I just wouldn't trust buying a "big ticket" item sight unseen. I see those Sony's pop up from time to time on craigslist. At least with craigslist you can check out the tv before buying it. Or look for floor models. There are still a few left, but they are becoming rare. It's kind of sad that ebayers are getting more for these sets than the retail outlets were near the end.
Sure, CRT's have no lag and better blacks. But you are being unfairly harsh on LCD tv/monitors. I have a 46' Sony RPTV and an Olevia 37" LCD flat panel as well as a 22" LCD pc monitor. And the lag time you mention isn't noticeable and there is no ghosting on any of these units. I have a PS2 and Gamecube hooked up via component and my X360 hooked up via VGA. I've read that the Maxent isn't very good, but don't put all LCD's in the same basket.
The only widescreen EDTV's I've seen are 42" Plasmas. I don't even know if you can find new ones anymore.
Oh, I'm sure it will add some benefit to gaming. But not enough to purchase and actually wear them. History shows that add-ons to game consoles have failed. No game consoles after the Master System had games that needed 3d glasses. Like I said, the real thing would be 3d without having to wear glasses. That would be a real technical break-through.
These new sets fail. It's just a high-tech version of what's been available in the past. Hell, the Sega Master System of the 1980's offered 3d gaming with special glasses. Sure the new glasses are better than the ones offered in the past, but you still need to wear them. When sets can do 3D without glasses, that will be newsworthy.
I have an Olevia 437V with a Gamecube hooked up via component and plenty of games look great when in 480p mode. My previous TV was a 480i 27" CRT, and the 'Cube didn't look too bad on that either. I can't imagine the Wii would look any worse. What games are you playing?
If you live in an area that has craigslist, sell it there. Ask for cash only and their pick-up. You don't have to deal with all of the extra fees associated with ebay/paypal.
The Philips Outlet site is selling a 30" widescreen CRT for cheap with free shipping and it now is $80 off. http://www.outlet.philips.com/b2c_re...72&shop=OUTLET I can't vouch for how good a set it is. But some people at the Cheap Ass Gamer site like it. I'm sure there are people here that have this set. EDIT: I see a thread for this set further down from this one.
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