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It would be another revenue stream for AVS.
You guys are just remembering your youth and the chasing of somebodies daughter. It's called Karma!
Sooner die in the saddle then . . . .Then again, I would like to die in my sleep like my grandfather did, not like the other 3 screaming people in his car!
I was right.
That is doubtful from what I have been reading.
I was considering upgrading my subs and stopped myself. I am happy with my setup and it really doesn't need anymore upgrading and just what more do I need? So I took the $$$ and started another hobby that can be just as expensive, target shooting. Off to the range every weekend to shoot 100 or so rounds through my Black Rain Fallout 15 chambered for .223/5.56 Nato with Trijicon ACOG scope. Lots of fun to shoot at my local range. So now at age 70, I got my perfect HT room...
I have had a Elite '68, Denon 4313, and now Integra DHC80.3 & Onkyo 9-channel amp (PA-MC5500). Excellent amp for this prepro.
Nothing like multiple subs in your room going low, low, low during a intense bass scene. You can feel it in your bones!
If you are in the Olympia, WA area give me a Pm and you can hear 4 of them.
MFW-15 is a Seaton designed subwoofer and with the Turbo kit is one fine sub. I had 2 of them in my HT room and then went with Quad Submersive's. I do have dual MFW-15's in my living room for TV and music and will upgrade to the Turbo kit when the amps fail.
New Posts  All Forums: