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Thanks all. In case you were wondering where the name originated from, my first HT (Hobbit 1.0) was built in a cellar with a finished ceiling height of about 6'2". Elven-sized folks literally had to stoop when standing, just like in the Shire! This one is about the same size but with a normal, human-height ceiling
Paul, Gary, thanks for the comments. Both of your builds are right at the front of my sketchbook and were consulted often!I've received several comments and PMs from folks planning their own "underdog" rooms, so here's my take on budget, having done this twice.Within reason, the smaller the space, the easier I think it is to achieve a professional finish. Why? Because the amount of expensive stuff you need to get it - wood trim, acoustic insulation, wall fabrics, screen...
Nothing that I noticed after a day or two. It's just spun rock.
I was aware of the 8350's spotty reputation - I actually have a good friend who's been through two himself due to the green blob issue. I got mine as an Epson refurb with full factory warranty for less than $800 however - and on such a tight budget, there simply wasn't any other option even in the same league. Here's hoping I have good luck.And thanks again to everyone! I really appreciate the kind words.
In today's shocking news... Hobbit 2.0 is AVS Forum's HT of the Month for December 2013!
I have to admit that I was shocked when I found out that my little alcove had been chosen for HT of the Month. Given all the amazing rooms we have on AVS, this was the last one I expected to show up. I guess everyone loves an underdog. Thanks for your compliments, and thank you to whoever nominated me. Long live the small budget build!
W00lly, that's a cool app. Does it let you control all the discrete Onkyo codes? I used the Harmony Pronto code hack along with the spreadsheet of Onkyo IR codes to program one button presses for anamorphic 2.35 zoom, switching between my favorite THX sound modes etc. This functionality is critical to me (these commands are usually buried in the menus which is ridiculous) and my solution was the only one I found. That said I also like the ergos of the harmony and hard...
A couple of different angles: And a closeup of my now-complete equipment rack: That's probably about as minimal as you can get for a dedicated theater - a Belkin PureAV power center, PS4, Apple TV, and an Onkyo 818 receiver. Hidden at the back is a Darbee Darblet and a Harmony 900 RF receiver. Yup, it's pretty tight in there. For heat control, I went active with large intake grilles along the sides, and a single 120mm exhaust fan at the rear that vents into the...
Well the bitrate definitely makes a big difference. Unfortunately I'm too cheap and/or lazy to buy discs so it's usually Netflix or (if it's something we really want to watch) an itunes rental for us. Actually our local library is actually pretty good for kids' BDs and big, "highly acclaimed" movies like Oscar winners, so that's how we usually get our hands on physical media these days. Kinda makes you miss Blockbuster. Kinda.
I'm not sure what happened with that photo, but there really isn't that much backscatter from the lens. The setup is also pretty far above and slightly behind my head, so I haven't noticed it at all. There are no stray reflections from the lens or PJ on the screen, with any program material.
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