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That would be great! All I need is what I asked for plus it being equipped with all the current technology and I wouldn't need a pre/pro. A few HDMI inputs and I'm set. I don't need legacy inputs. 1 digital coaxial and 1 optical input, 3-5 HDMI inputs, and I'm set.
If they include Dirac Live - 8 channel processing and 7.1-2 XLR outputs, I would pay serious cash for it. I'd go as high as $2500.
+1 in thoroughly enjoying Huddleston as Loki. Can't get enough of Loki.
She kind of looks like an owl.
The Noesis 215RT will tenderize you... Superchargers kill... The choice is clear: Life or death.
Thanks a million guys! I refuse to get Project X because I hated the movie. I had to review it and wanted to leave long before the ending.I will definitely try to find a copy of that Beastie Boys DVD. Sounds awesome!The Art Of Flight I still have to order. I heard that at Bill's (rx-8) place on his 7.2 Seaton theatre and it was phenomenal! I have Pacific Rim, so I'll go through it again and see if there are any Demo Worthy scenes.The Man With The Iron Fist, I've never...
Thanks Audiofan1! I actually have it, but haven't cranked it to see how bass heavy the music is. I don't remember it being a thumping sort of bass, but more organ like. I'll have to pop it in again and see what scenes you're talking about. Do you have any time stamps? I thought the movie was great, though. I guess I'm looking for tracks like those found in the ones I mentioned ( Tron: Legacy, Training Day, and The Social Network). They've all got great pounding bass in...
Anyone know which movies have music with a lot of bass, other than Tron: Legacy, Training Day, and The Social Network?
They look amazing! If they sound as good as they look, they're the best bargain in the home theatre surround speaker market today. If you can competently put them together.
Very nice work.
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