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Hi. It doesn't have a stand alone browser, only the apps can access the internet.
I've read a few issues like this but I have my 3020 inverted on the ceiling with an amazon basics 25' cable with no focus issues. At least Epson's not shy about replacements.
Phillips, if you can verify it's genuine.
Target on line/in store: The Last Stand $15; Good Day to Die Hard, $13 blu-ray
Consider a projector? I was looking to get a 3D set to replace my 3000. Started at 65" but kept drifting over to the huge Sharp 70-80-inchers. Finally noticed that I could get an epson 3020 3D PJ and screen for $1600. Now enjoying 92" of bliss and still have my 3000 for everyday EV.
I'll try those, thanks.
Anyone heard/read of an issue with the 3020 remote not turning off the projector? Even standby does nothing. I have to power off from the PJ itself. Once it's off, the remote nor the power button on the PJ will turn it back on. I have to unplug it before any of the power buttons will work.
I'm still at Reading everyone's issues, I'm in no hurry to change.
New Posts  All Forums: