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I can't find this. Maybe it's missing on the european version? Or it's not for HDMI3?
Thx. But could you also tell me how to locate the hdmi selection settings? I cant find it anywhere... Thx in advance Only thing I can find is HDMI content type. Here I can only choose auto or off.I have my computer plugged into hdmi3. Computer is set to RGB Full (0-255) 4:4:4
I just got a P65VT50 a month ago. Got a question related to RGB 4:4:4 0-255 (full). I only use computer as my source. ATI 7550 using hdmi to my tv. I have the driver set to RGB full (4:4:4 0-255). The TV can handle this right? I don't have to use limited 16-235 I hope... I can't find a tv setting related to hdmi full or limited. My old samsung plasma had this setting...
I removed catalyst 11.9 and went back to 11.8. 3D working again. I use HDMI directly to my 63" samsung plasma tv.
Catalyst 11.9 breaks 3D worked fine in 11.8. Radeon 6950. HDMI to Samsung 63" plasma (pn63c8000). Using latest PowerDVD 11 Ultra.
You are not alone. Many people has this problem including myself. I think you can resize it back to 1080p 24Hz while the movie is playing. Havent tried this solution myself yet.
I'm having trouble getting 3D to work with catalyst 11.6 (and 11.5). Tried with PowerDVD 11 (1719) and lastest totalmedia theater 5 version. Used to work with catalyst 11.4 and powerdvd 10.
So you can play spotify from your iphone to your sc-37 using the supplied cable?
Yes I get the same problem when connecting directly to the tv now. I guess its catalyst 11.5b. Earlier when I had a direct connection to the tv and it worked I used an earlier driver. Waiting for catalyst 11.6 then trying again.
I have a Pioneer Elite SC-35 and an iphone 4 with a spotify app. Is the only way to get spotify on you iphone to play on the sc-35 the bluetooth adapter? Is it impossible to get it working through the supplied iphone calbe? Is that calbe only for the ipod music on the phone?
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