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Does anyone know if any theater in the San Jose area will be showing The Master in 70mm? I remember the Winchester domes used to, or at least I think they did. According to the link above it appears a theater in Oakland will be showing it so I don't mind driving up there if I have to.
I've discovered that as soon as I notice the throttling I have to cancel my account for awhile to get rid of it. Throttling usually takes on two forms for me: I stop getting new releases on Tuesdays (even doing the Saturday return "trick") and/or artificial delays are introduced in processing returned discs.It's very obvious. I'll reactivate my membership and for a month or two service will be great. I experience 1 day turn around times on mailed discs and I'll always...
That's good to hear, at least. I don't subscribe to any of the premium cable channels so I don't know if they have exclusives or not. I'm just used to TNT, USA, FX, etc broadcasting catalog movies to death (e.g. The Matrix). You think a sci-fi action movie starring Christian Bale would get a little rotation on these channels! Hell, if the SyFy channel aired it it would be better then 99% of the stuff they show now. Anyways, regarding a potential Blu-ray re-release, I...
Any updates of this title getting a proper Blu-ray release here in the U.S.? Also, for a 10 year-old movie, it sure is hard to find! It never plays on cable (at least I haven't seen it) and it's not available on Netflix streaming either. Is it trapped in some rights-issue hell or something? Anyone have the story?
Today's Fry's ad has Minority Report for $8.99, which is the cheapest I've ever seen it.
Hello, I have a weird request to help me find a Sony receiver in the $350-400 range. I have approximately $360 in Sony rewards points from a credit card that I do not use anymore that I need to redeem. The points have to be used on something from Sony's online store or on a Sony product from an authorized retailer. The prices on Sony's store are awful (as expected) so the optimal way to go is buying a Sony product from an authorized retailer (Amazon is, among others)...
How long will this stay as a Wal-Mart exclusive?
Unknown was shipped to me yesterday so I should either get it today or tomorrow. FYI, another new release this week, Eagle, is also in my queue and is showing available.
Does anyone know if/when there's going to be a standard release in the U.S.? I don't really feel like shelling out for the box set. If not, I might order the UK version.
Today I was able to add both blu-ray discs of Das Boot to my BB queue which is scheduled to come out on 7/5. This along with getting all the new releases that I've wanted to watch reliably sure makes me glad I dumped NF . BTW, I've never seen Das Boot and am eagerly looking forward to watching it since I've heard only good things about it!
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