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This would be a modem to fill one outside vendors need.(not the customer) so yes just one specific area on campus for now but there may be request for more ? It has to be fiber due to distance on campus and no other pathways. They currently have 2 modems up and running in separate buildings for others to log into. These however are fed via coax(only about 600- 800 feet away from tap/demarc) and going through .750 0r .500 cable Regards Owenf
Hi everyone they now want to add an internet modem(comcast) I think i could do this via 2 way fiber .Any thoughts ?
the first amp is a BT860 with a 18 db reverse gain that was not used at first.(2 plus years ago) We seem to be getting better results now With the return activated but there only in 2db increments everyday. Looking @ 2 stb's one is at 40 on return the other is at 50. I will wait to the end of the week to report the readings Regards Owenf
The demarc/tap goes directly into an amplifier that feeds a 4-way splitter, 3 of the 4 ports go to other buildings on campus. the 4th port is then connected to a 2-way splitter that feeds 2 12-way splitters that then feed the 20 colocated STB's. When first installed 2 years ago we were hitting the STB's with too much forward signal so we had to put in attenuators. We know that the attenuators also effect the return path. The amplifier has an option for active return path...
No comcast only provides a demarc point/ tap in the main building. We maintain the Campus wide distribution via fiber and coax. For the most part all stand alone stb's have been fine. The somewhat problematic (20 total) ones are all colacated and have been running without issues for close to 2 years. Recently though I have returned to find the picture frozen or pixalating on different stb's. I am going to try feeding one of the stb's directly from the spare port on the...
thanks dhett Yes i got the customer up on the mountain top towers on a small vhf/uhf/fm antenna. Waymart was just to week. I used a 2nd 4 bay bow-tie type antenna for ION and CW(31 &32 RF) which was not needed but the signals were twice as strong with it and I could see the towers from the roof top which were only about 5 miles away but about 50 degrees west from Mountain Top direction. Regards Owenf
Thanks Trip
Hello All I will be in the Dunmore area tomorrow installing an OTA antenna or 2 for a commercial customer. The translator/repeaters in Waymart apear to be closer than Mountain Top but do they provide all the sub channels ? Regards Owenf
Good Morning All I was wondering what is the Ideal output upstream level for these boxes to get back to the comcast headend. Currently have 20 STB's in an office and they all seem to drop out or lose authorization and then need a rehit. The in coming signal is perfect about 0 to 2db into STB's but they seem to be putting out (upstream) 60db according to diagnostic menu #7. Is this the max ? Thanks in advance for any advice Regards Owenf
Did the abington/ardsley/roslyn area loose all locals in clear qam recently ? Regards Owen
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