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What QAM modulator did you go with ? Regards Owenf
Well currently the ONT only has one coax port which goes directly to the ActionTec Router. The RJ45 port is open. Is the current cabling sufficient ? From what I have been reading it only looks like the router needs to be in the coax loop but if I need a CAT5/6 cable from the ONT to Router then this needs to be done before Verizon comes.( On initial install I ran the cabling in house due to fishing wall complications) Thanks for all input/recommendations. Regards Owenf
Now Showing This TV as was talked about.
Hello All We have recently signed up for fios tv. We have had fios internet/phone since it was available back in Jan-07. Tv was not available through fiber but they did offer directv which we did not want due to no CSN. So we stayed with comcast cable tv. The Fios TV install part is due in March 09. When the Fios internet was installed the ONT was put in the basement about 3 feet away from the cable 4 way splitter. The question is can the Fios TV be split into the...
This was an expedited vote that required 2/3 to pass. The next vote will only require a majority. It will be delayed again. Regards Owenf
I just today installed a Channel Master 3016 antenna at a location about 3.5 to 3.7 miles from the roxborough farm in zip 19038. What a pain. Was unable to find 1 spot to get all the channels stable. The location was down in a valley as well just off Bethlehem Pike and west of papermill road. It is the lowest building in the area. I will wait for the analog shutdown and see if the unreceivable channel(57.1) and unstable channel(12.1) improve any. Regards Owenf
Post 1571 in this thread indicates Roxborough Farm. I have not seen it though here in bucks co. Regards owenf
AntAlt Mike: I got some serious homework to do. LG,Pro:Idiom I can deal with passing the HD locals but the other content is just way to much $. Regards Owenf
AntAltMike I know this over a year old and the prices have come down a bit on the 8vsb to QAM processors but was wondering if you had any experience with the BT HDE-QAM units ? (very expensive) Regards Owenf
Can't seem to lock this tonight as of 5:45pm Anyone else having problems ? Owenf
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