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As of now(2007 season) i believe you are correct in the guessing game of where viewership is But the syncing issue in Sept. 2006 was purposely set to analog comcast cable according to Merrill Reese that morning. They will change sometime when the powers that be at 94 WYSP decide to do so. You know its all about the advertising $. Regards Owenf
caeser1 In september of 2006 Merrill Reese was on 610 wip radio with the morning crew and was fielding calls from the listeners when the subject came up. He stated the only reason they were synced up with comcast analog cable was due to the number of viewers still on analog cable was greater than satellite. No mention of ota. At that time the number of digital comcast cable viewers must have been to low to justify the change. I agree they should rethink what to sync to...
caesar1 the 94 wysp broadcast is purposely synced up with comcast cable analog channel 29 because that is where the powers that be relize most people are tuning into to watch the birds game still. It will not be switched until they feel the majority of viewers have digital reception(atsc or cable/fios/satellite). And when that happens in this market they will probably go with comcast again(most viewers). At least this past week we had Baldy IMO he is better than...
The real crime is that it is not available ota in Philly Owenf
GeekGirl FYI: The wysp 94.1 is purposely put in sync with the analog broadcast that comcast puts on their system. Last year on 610 am WIP Sports Radio Merrill Reese explained that this is the case because in the philly market that is where most of the viewers are tuning into to see the Eagles and muting the tv volume and turing on our Merrill & Mike. Owenf
What are the draw backs when using the 260 with a sdtv 27" using composite a/v inputs only ? No hdtv yet and none in the near future. I have used the first generation sirt151 and it was ok for ota which was about 13 miles away. Please advise Regards Owenf
picked up the stb (dct700) last night at the local CO and installed on the existing analog cable drop that is receiving expanded basic. (put 2way splitter inline) 1 leg to tv & 1 leg to stb. All seems to be good. Still receiving analogs with no degradation and the digital seem to be all there. The epg is there but there are some discrepencies. Not that worried though. Big question is will analogs disappear in the near future ? I only switched because of the price and...
May be going to Digital only for the one year $29.99 price for one Tv but was wondering what was Clear QAM in the Bensalem Node right now besides the locals and MC channels. I'm asking because this week I installed a LCD for a friend in Ardmore, Delaware County and there was many other clear Qam channels that could be tuned in. I understand that they can go encrypted at anytime. Thanks in advance Owenf
I would like to know what the uhf-dt channel line up will be in Feb/2009 for the Philly market Is 6 abc staying at 6(vhf-low) and Dropping uhf 64.My initial line up was as follows 3=26,6=64,10=67,12 was 55 now 50,17=54,29=42,35=34 & 57=32 ? I have a few others but i am only concerned with majors in Philly Thanks in advance for any links to the correct channel alotment Regards Owenf
Where can one go to learn more about the verizon equipment installed in/on house ? Specifically ONT. Thanks Owenf
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