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Has anyone else noticed that the latest update (4.112) seems to have enabled the presence sensor by default?
If the one you have is 1.3, there's no need to upgrade.
Financial district. I've also read some TiVo horror stories, but I've never had any problems with my HD or Premiere XL.
All these TWC box horror stories make me even more glad to have a TiVo.
What do you guys have that's so expensive? I only have one TV (using my own TiVo instead of one of their boxes) and pay around $130 for DTValue + HBO/MAX/SHO/STZ + Road Runner. I wouldn't mind my bill shrinking by $100/month, but I doubt that'd apply to my situation.
My building is getting FiOS installed. What advantages does it have? The only one I can think of is that they don't protect any of their content, so I'd be able to transfer shows from my TiVo to my computer. I'm pretty pleased with TWC, though.
I wish they'd bring back Tron. All they have now is Despicable Me, Shrek and Yogi Bear.
I get 3D PPV on my 922, and I've never connected it to the internet.
That's an odd location for Sundance.
What's a fair price to sell a 52XBR4 for? I checked eBay for completed listings, but there weren't any.
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