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How does this receiver compare to the Onkyo 805/875?
I guess I am a bit dense, who sell'sthem?
I guess Ill have to call a level 2 tech, the set up menu's tell me that my sat box will not work on "IR" signals. Which is not true.
Yep it always in PVR mode. Ill set it up as PVR only.
So you have it set up as a "PVR" only?
The remote software keeps wanting to set the Dish 721 up as two separate units, a PVR and a SAT Tuner. Even with that it will still not control it. The 721 is "IR" friendly as I am using an HOME THEATER MASTER remote to control it. How do I set up this thing?
I just picked one up @ Gilbert, AZ COSTCO.
So the SD DVD' are playing louder than the HD DVD's?
I have raised panel solid oak doors on ours. The back is a diamond pattering wire mesh from home depot painted black. Rip that cardboard out, put in the mesh, attach a 120v fan from radio shack to the mesh. Plug the fan into the switched outlet on the A/V receiver.
Mayby Ill run to Costo and pick up that 690?
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