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Thank You! Thank You!!! i looked on the web site and could not find any info for the receiver. What is driving me mad is I had 2 remotes when the receiver was in the entrainment center. Now I can not find either one, grrrrrrr Thanks for everyones help!
you are thinking of th 875.
I picked up a 4"(IIRC) 120 v fan from radio shack for like $20.00 that I plug into the switched outlet on th back of my 603 Mounted it to the back of the cabinet, or you could cut a hole in the Wood below the reciver and "PULL" the air that way.
Is this a D*TV HD DVR?
They will do everything the OEM would do? Right now I can not adjust my speaker levels etc. Thanks!
Anyone know where I can find one? Also what is the Model # of it? Thanks!!! Mike
I really like the ONKYO 705. Then again I got the HK 501 that was giving me problems. Hooked it up in our office. Problems went away. I guess a 120 degree summer in an PHX AZ attic fixed them. The HK sounds soooo good. What model # in the HK line would fit the bill? Is HK CRAP these day's? What to do??
Just hooked up a 67" Samsung. Had HDMI going out of DTV HD STB, into Onk 605 out to TV. Also Component video going out of DTV, into TV. I saw no difference, YMMV. Side-note: no hand shanking issues, or popping.
Here i what i would do... Run the HDMI from the dish to the TV.. Run digital audio from Dish to Onkyo.
our home is 15 years old. I have replaced about 3 15A breakers that have a "heavy" load, with a "NEW" 15A breaker, solved my problems.
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