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Stereoscopic player can play full SBS. I don't understand why anyone would want to bother converting a 3D Blu-ray at all, why not just backup an ISO with AnyDVD and then you have the exact quality of the original... It will be a large file, but hard drives are cheap. Before Stereoscopic player could play SSIF files directly I would rip 3DBD into dual MKV files, but then you end up making two huge files. The MVC encoding used on a 3DBD is very efficient. Let's look at...
I just wanted to add that you don't have to actually burn a disc if you have a computer that can drive a 3D display. I just mount the 3D Blu-ray ISO files and play them with Stereoscopic player.
This is non-sense, frame packing is NOT a storage format. h.264 MVC encoded video gets transmited from a Blu-ray player to a display over an HDMI cable via frame-packing.The question and answer are both wrong. The question should be can Vegas 11 take SBS video and encode it as h.264 MVC? As far as I know the answer to that is yes.
They are building 300Mhz HDMI chips.... but they aren't on the market yet. The player you want doesn't exist as far as I know. I am curious about your interest in a frame-packed 60Hz... What are you going to do with that? That would make sense for games but not for Blu-ray, the content on the disc is 24P so why convert it to 60Hz which would introduce judder? The display's already do the 3:2 pulldown conversion, so what is the point?
IDK about PS3 games, but I know if you watch some of the IMAX movies on 3D Blu-ray they will knock your socks off. Try "Under the Sea" 3D Blu-ray. If you don't like the 3D on that, IDK, maybe 3D is not for you. I am pretty sure you will like it though. you can rent it here I rent from that place all the time, they are great
I liked the earlier pirates movies better. The first one was the best. I thought the 3D lacked depth and pop on Pirates 4. I don't really care if there aren't lots of pop gimmicks, but I think depth is important, I didn't see much depth. On top of the 3D not being great the movie was boring. The mermaids were hot though, really hot. Maybe I'll give it another view at home. Sometimes I hate a movie in the theater and like it better at home on Blu-ray.
The 7000 will be better. Hard to say how well the 4000 + VIP will do, but there is no doubt in my mind that the 7000 will be better.
The best file format is Blu-ray 3D, that offers the most resolution and highest bit-rate. IDK what is causing your SBS issues, but 3D Blu-ray is going to be better than SBS.
I would recommend 3DTVPlay from nVidia, you can buy it for $40. You might need to do the driver hack to make it work, i.e. use the device manager update your TV's driver to this driver. Once you've done all that you should be about to get nVidia mode going in TMT or Power DVD. If you just have demos of those programs you should forget about them and buy AnyDVD-HD and StereoScopic player instead. AnyDVD+SS player will give you a solution to decrypt play any Blu-ray disc,...
That is what I figured, so far sighted people will be fine without glasses. Nearsighted people like me will need contacts or whatever.
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