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Now that is how you provide support for a game. Notes should be taken...
When I first heard about TF I thought that it would be a good game but COD would still be my favorite. Well since TF came out I have played Ghosts twice and that was one round each time. I never thought this day would come but it is here. The bad thing about it is that my GF doesn't like TF cause it is too fast paced for her. She doesn't even like to watch me play it. If she wasn't playing COD in the other room while I was playing she was in the room with me. I hope...
So I ran my cloaked and silet setup last night and it worked and I moved up from the bottom of the list to around the middle. I also changed the way I play the game as well. Before I would spend most of my time trying to take out titans from windows or roof tops only to never finish them off cause someone saw me and killed me. So last night I acted like a cowboy at the rodeo and I jumped on every titan that ran past me and shot at that little box until I either got...
Hahaha. Wall running... Yeah I uhhh...Yeah tonight I am going silenced and cloaked.
I will put together a load out tonight. Thanks for the tips. Now I just have to get myself to be able to use that button.
I'm still at level 20. So the gun I like the best is the first one that you get when you begin playing. That with the ACOG type sights. I use the Ogar for my titan and have him follow me. I think there are so many different buttons that do so many things during combat that I just can't get use to. I see guys jump, cloak, run on the wall, jump off behind me and before I can even locate them again I am a done.
I am just horrible at this game. Of the 10 matches I played yesterday I came in the bottom two spots 8 times. I do find it enjoyable but I hate looking at the leader board. I never get more than 5 combined kills.
2 hours in and I'm at 55%.
I went from Klipsch RF-3's to my Rocket 850's and I miss the "bite" the Klipsch had for movies but prefer the softer side of the Rockets for music.
If you would like to sell your 450's let me know I need to get a smaller tower in the rear of my living room.
New Posts  All Forums: