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And Ashlee Simpson? Thus ending their careers.
I enjoyed watching "at the movies" back in the 80's, he and Gene Siskel can now talk about movies all the time.
Antenna+Netflix+Hulu Plus = $15.98 a month which is fine with me. My Sony players also have Crackle, YouTube and some free B movie channels so that's a bonus. If I want a new release I use Amazon VOD.
I have to agree with this statement, they always ogle over the latest shiny gadget from Apple. To be fair the media in general does also.
I've been a Netflix streamer for four years and I love it, there's always something to watch for the entire family and it's only $7.99 a month. I use to be a disc subscriber but now I use Amazon VOD for new releases. I have House of Cards queued up and I plan on watching it this weekend.
I still respect Cnet but I have no respect for their corporate overlord, CBS. The studios still cling to the archaic notion that we are all thieves, Sony won that battle vs Universal regarding time shifting and I think it applies with the Hopper. Who cares if a customer fast forwards over a commercial, the greedy studios still got paid by the advertiser.
I thought it was too soon to be released, it just came out in December and is still playing at the theaters.
I liked Argo and Lincoln but you need to add The Hobbit, all of which are worth owning on BD. Saw Silver Linings Playbook the other day and it was just OK, making fun of mental illness made me uneasy. Not interested in Django, the last Tarantino film I liked was Jackie Brown.
Some of you need to remember that most consumers don't have the space for a 80-100" screen(I am one of them), even if I could buy a 84" 4K TV for $1000 I wouldn't want it in my living room. Consumers are buying 40-50" TV's because the size is perfect for their room.
Only companies and extremely rich people will be buying 84" 4K TV's that cost $17,000, the average consumer is buying 40-50" TV's for
New Posts  All Forums: