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This thread is going to explode once the M & P finally becomes available
Questions for those of you that are knowledgeable on 4k. My understanding (from reading threads on this forum) is that the difference between 4k & 1080p is very subtle and only highly visible at close viewing distances or on really large screens. Can I get thoughts on this please. Wondering if I should drop the extra $$$ on the P series instead of the M and if 4k is even worth it. I understand there will be double dimming zones as well, but what other difference are there...
Lol, I think all this waiting is starting to make everyone a little edgy
I'm hoping the finish is matte as well. I have 14 windows throughout my downstairs great room in a tri-level home. To top that off, my viewing area is sunk about 4 feet below the dining area and kitchen, which is of course a horrible spot to have a reflective screen. If the windows don't kill me during the daytime, the dining and kitchen lights finish me off at night. The finish on the 2013 E-series has worked best in my situation so far. Unfortunately, the clouding is...
I have several as well. Not sure if it's what's being described as "white spots" by others in this thread. I noticed 2 spots when I came across a hockey game. Very small though, assumed I had 2 dead pixels or something. Played the white screen video and I can see 7 or 8 pixel sized spots all toward the bottom of the screen. Not sure what it is, but I have until June 15 to return. Hopefully, the 2014 E & M will be out by then.
Picked one of these up at Costco a couple of weeks ago but I plan on returning it before the 90 days are up. Seems to be a very very decent TV for the price. Can't complain about much but I'm having a hard time accepting the clouding/flashlighting. It's just awful. Are you guys coming across "Q" sets with acceptable clouding/flashligting?
Can we expect to see a matte finish on any 70" Vizios like the 2013 E-series? Someone commented on "semi-gloss" in the M thread.
You sound just like me
Sorry if already discussed, but is there any info on screen type for 70"...glossy? matte?
I'm in the same boat. I have 9 windows throughout my "great room". Took a 60" Sammy back because the glare was awful. The 70" Vizio (E series) I exchanged it for is ALOT better, but I have no intentions of keeping it. Haven't had a chance to see any of these Sharp's yet, but if it's as bad as Sammy...that's a no go.
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