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I had the Acer H5360BD, and, in the specifications, SBS 1080p24 is not supported, but it works great.
Received today with the new firmware installed. I confirm SBS 1080p24 isn't fixed. I think the blu-rays are sharper. Great!
I received a call today from Acer Spain, it's very intriguing, they told me they are waiting a piece replacement from Taiwan. I sent it for a firmware update, but they are replacing pieces. Very strange. Anyway, it seems I'm going to wait a very long time before I see my projector again. Pity.
My projector is at Acer right now with the status "under repair", They don't tell me anything about the firm update, if it's avaliable or not.I praise for any news. I hope next week they will tell me something.
I have this problem right now with my two Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray players. The DMP-BDT300 and the DMP-BDT500, my tv is LG LK950S. Both have the last firm.
The 9500 returns to ACER, I told them I want the firmware.
I have returned the projector from Acer Spain with this note: "Dear Customer, please note that we currently updates are not the final and cause failure in the resolution of the projection, we advise you not upgrade projector now." I'm very angry with them.
No, but I told them I want the new firmware, nothing else. I'm going to call them on tuesday.
Only for the update.
My H9500BD departed today to Acer Spain.They told me for the next 15 days. I hope the projector will come home with the new firmware.
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