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I printed your photo of the service menu with the specification of the new firmware and I'm going to send it with a note that specifies that this is the new firmware.
I call Acer Spain and I'll send the H9500BD on friday. They didn't say me if they have the firmware or not. Cross fingers
I didn't call them yet. Next week.Thanks.
Thank you so much.
Any chance to update the firmware at home? I'm from Spain and I bought the projector in Germany. I can't send it to Acer.
I just sent an email to Panasonic asking this question (of the depth controller), I hope an affirmative answer.
I have the DMP-BDT300, Will there any possibility to add The 3D Effect Controller in a future firmware like the 2011 models?
Can this item work with the JVC DLA-RS1? It's a very interesting device.
I broke the ribbon-cable of the blue panel. Can do I change it myself? Is easy to find another one? Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: