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If you see the issue during watching TV via antenna as well as when using Chromecast, it's a TV issue. If you only get the issue with Chromecast, try hooking it up to a diff HDMI port.
Doesn't matter how you place them, it's how they interact with your room taht can determine if they're out of phase. I don't really know how ot explain in tech detail, you might want to Google.
Having everything connected correctly doesn't always mean they're in phase. Being in-phase also deals with your room's acoustics and placement of speakers from listening position. I usually go with what the system tells me if I'm unable to tell the difference from listening.
That looks like acceptable edge bleed to me. If it bothers you try turning on the Smart Dimming feature. As for the 16:10 format thing, are you talking about your source being 16:10 or the TV? If your source is 16:10 being displayed on your 16:9 TV, black bars on the right and left edge is normal.Heh, edge bleed, motion blur, viewing angle issues, really sad LCDs just put the nail in plasmas' coffin.
I think he's showing his dissatisfaction here b/c he's already exhausted his other options with getting Vizio to do something. Personally my brother hasn't run into any issues to get upset about we didn't expect from buying a Vizio, especially considering a Harmony remote rids the "have to point directly at corner" issue and he had the Harmony before he got the TV. It wasn't a purchase made b/c of the TV's issues.
That seems to be how a lot of businesses work though. Once they established their brand and made a customer base, they start deteriorating in quality and support. Maybe they were trying to maximize profit or something.
There's no defending them then.
Does the TV actually state it has WiFi functions on the remote?
I didn't mean buy something to cover a defect, but if you have things blocking the port then you should consider IR extender. Personally I think anyone spending $2k on a TV need to get the whole home theater setup that j clues a universal remote.
A security hole is a much bigger issue than IR remote that works not getting its WiFi update, nobody is stealing your personal information as a result. Apple also did tell people they were holding their phones wrong when they had those bad reception issues.Looking at the bigger picture though I don't think they're getting enough returns to matter. The people here on these forums are of a small minority compared to the mass consumers buying Vizio products. Majority don't...
New Posts  All Forums: