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Got very fuzzy a few days ago. I have a 5.1 system in my store, a Denon 2112 with 2 Definitive Tech Pro 1000's as fronts and Pro 800's as rear, plus a Denon sub (forget the type). Not having a lot of luck with speakers. I use them in my cigar shop, and 1-2 times a week we have a party in the store where a DJ connects his laptop-based system to my AVR. Blew another set of Pro-800's a few months ago, replaced those and made them rear channels, then added the 1000's in an...
Hi, I have a Denon 2112 and the two front speakers are being sent for repair. I have a center, sub and 2 rear or surround speakers installed, but no sound is coming out of these at all since I removed the front speakers. I realize the sound out of the remaining speakers will be sub-par, but for the time being that would be fine. Can anyone help me configure this so that I have only the 2 rear, sub and center playing for now?
Spager - no, the receiver was not in protective mode. It looked as if under normal operation. All - I misspelled Definitive Technology.
JD - I believe the volume was between -5 and plus 4 in a 15 x 15 room. Listening area about 12' from speakers. And, at least from what I've been able to discern, the speakers are up to the kind of use I was putting them through. It just seems odd that it happened twice in 2 months.
Hello, all, Having a hell of a time with a repeating audio problem, and need help determining if its the AVR or the speakers, or the evil gods of audio just hating on me. I recently got a 2112 and attached the existing speakers, 2 small Motorola who-knows-whats, and all was right with the world. Set up Audessy (sp?), and use the system for Pandora listening, Blu Rays and Samsung TV. About 3 weeks into it, the audio stopped. We were playing them relatively loud, but...
Merskine - same issue on my end, though I've only tried Pandora. Worked fine before the firmware upgrade, now I can get to the main Pandora screen and then I get a Server Error - "Sorry the error is on our end, please try again..." message. Panasonic support said they escalated - 2 weeks ago - but nothing since. Pandora has no idea what's up either. Netflix still works for me. Can't comment on other things, as I only use Pandora and Netflix. If you find a fix, please post.
All great help, many thanks! Removing Airplay from the equation, if other receivers with Wifi + Internet radio + Pandora come to mind, please add to the list. Again, thank you!
Hi, all... Is there a sub-$1000 AVR that has built-in wifi and also streams Pandora AND internet radio? Ideally, is there such a device that also includes Airplay, or has it as an option? I'm most interested in music streaming, but if you have such a device to recommend and know anything about the video conversion, that would be great to know. I've searched this forum and elsewhere and think the answer is "sorry, no can do," but thought I'd ask here. Thanks,...
There are many highly technical people on this board that can give more detailed answers, but as a moderately-technical user, I absolutely love the PS3. I've had mine for about 3 years, and would summarize as follows: PROS: - Excellent Blu Ray quality, features, with constant upgrades via wifi from Sony. - Well organized x-bar interface, fairly easy to use. - HDMI connectivity to receiver, TV, etc. - Wired and wireless internet connectivity. - Integrated with...
All the HDMI components (TV, PS3, DVR) are connected to 4308 via HDMI cable, others (CD, Sling) are RCA component cables.
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