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I only discovered this issue last night when I rented What to Expect When You're Expecting from a local Redbox. So, this is limited to Lionsgate releases? Sorry, I already have hundreds of HD DVD's and dozens of Blu-Ray discs. I'm not buying discs new at retail. I barely did that during the format war. Streaming? The video quality of streaming is worse than HD-lite on cable/satellite. I'll wait a year and watch the movie on Epix, HBO or Starz before I bother...
Please don't compare Cyrus to Russell. Cyrus couldn't even dance hip-hop outside of his limited genre. Russell did an ok job with jazz and contemporary during his season.Yes, Jakob was great. But Russell was no slouch.
"Strikeback" and "Weeds" (past Season 2) have better writing?"Strikeback" has better acting?Are you sure?
I found the finale cute, nostalgic and touching. It was what it was. I agreed 100% with the title of the episode, "It's Time."
+1Visually you might not appreciate it from your TV. However, it is *VERY* challenging to do what he did. That was professional company level dancing. They didn't dance the black swan routine from "Swan Lake". But, they did some serious dancing. My wife was unimpressed. I've seen that routine many times in different cities. What they did was very impressive.I wasn't looking at little Tiffany. That was a woman's routine made for pole dance instructor Eliana! My wife yelled...
I'm surprised that no one mentioned Franka Potente from Run Lola Run and The Bourne Identity/Supremacy playing Eve.D'oh! You're right. I didn't.
That was phenomenal. Eliana outdanced Alex Wong tonight! However, I think he was just dialing it in.Man to man, I have to ask you why the pole dance wasn't your favorite? I'm just saying...Tiffany and Cyrus will win even though Cole..err..Chehon and Eliana are the better dancers.
Back in your day? The Beatles would've never sold out in the 60's. They never did commercials. They were notorious for refusing to "work with the man."I'm happy to see Mariah Carey join the judging panel. They finally have a judge that can actually sing. (I love Paula and Jennifer, but they're both great dancers not great singers.)
CSPAN HD? Who's your multichannel provider?
Intriguingly, I thought Lindsay tended to get better over the last couple of weeks while Whitney got progressively worse.I LOVED the choreography of the Whitney/Twitch dance. Whitney looked decent, but she wasn't twitch. Moreover, her hair got in the way. She should have worn a cap or some kind of hat.There were a couple of "Wow!" moments finally this season. Allison! Cole did a decent job keeping up. My eyes stayed glued to Allison. Cheon and Anya looked great with the...
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