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just sent an e-mail to Harmony support. Finally got round to attempting to add new sequences to this remote, heartened (I thought) by the ability to now have 10 step sequences rather than the miserly limit of 5 on past remotes. However, I have discovered a major software flaw (I think). When setting up sequences, the number buttons for each device do not appear in the command set, despite being available to the device and in an activity. Hence, one cannot enter a code...
Thanks for these. I'd like to see transparent backgrounds to these, and also a few more manufacturers added (like Oppo). They are really great, and I will be making a donation.
Oh, might give that a try. Thought that might make it worse.
I had read through the thread. People were suggesting no sync problems with Yamaha receivers, hence I thought I'd post that there are. I'll also let Oppo know. The handshake/audio delay issue is a different one though, yes?
Having real problem with the 103. Bought to replace a BD83 SE. Connected via a Yamaha avr (2067) via HDMI 1, then to HDMI input on LG 50PM670T plasma (2012 model). Two major issues 1. Audio badly out of sync. Auto lip sync is enabled on the avr and it works for every other source. Thinking it must be the implementation of the QDEO processor, as passing a source direct signal cures the lip sync issues. 2. It takes a good 3-4 seconds for the audio to lock in and coke...
Any change with the 24fps issue?
Fingers well and truly crossed that the board change works. Board will not be swapped for at least another 10 days, though. Will report once it has been changed.
Had a chance to check the part # yet? If it makes no difference (a) that is bad news and (b) I would rather engineers kept their hands off my set if replacing the main board is going to make no difference whatever.
Just had a call from Toshiba Technical Support UK (a very nice guy). There is a known fix for the video dropout issue, which, I am told, is caused by a timing error on the HDMI (the engineer who visited me had passed my summary of the issue to Toshiba UK). The fix is to replace the main board - the replacement Part number is 75016323 (which comes direct from Toshiba), and is preloaded with the latest firmware. I have been assured that it is as simple as taking the existing...
Interesting. One could interpret this as meaning that the TV applies 5:5 pulldown to NTSC DVD signals, provided they are output at 480p and not upscaled by the source. That might be interesting to try. Something is clearly hidden from the user with the Metabrain processing chipset. I think the explanation re: handshake/HDCP is the most compelling - if so, one would think that Toshiba could solve it by firmware. Has anyone contacted Toshiba in their host country? In...
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