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Newsshooter interview: GH4 feature breakdown with Hotrod Camera's Illya Friedman
As mentionrd here, the Odyssey 7Q is one unit which is out right now. Atomos in the past have said that they'll release 2160p recorders in the right time. Hopefully within a few months. That would be another unit people can get. Hopefully the Atomos 4K unit will cost much less then the Odyssey 7Q. It should be since instead of having a ton of features like the Odyssey 7Q, Atomos just needs to record to 2160p at 10 bit and 422 and keep everything else basic.
The prices for some European retailers is around $1,500 Euros. To put things in perspective, I believe the GH3 first sold for around 1,200 Euros. In the US, the GH3 retailed for $1,300. In other words, we should expect the US retail price to be $1,600 at the absolute most for the GH4 although I believe it'll most likely retail for $1,500. We'll see.
This happens too many times. Sometimes cameras gets a lot of promising features and then their can be something that is severely lacking. Never-mind 2160/60p since we know Panasonic has already revealed a similar 4K chip with specs claiming it's only capable of handling 30p. That was to be expected but only limiting the codec to 100Mbps and not giving us an Intra option is mind blowing. Same with internally recording to 8 bit and 420. The least they could have done is have...
I guess Panasonic needed to save some features for a future model such as internally recording 10 bit and 422. At least it's capable of outputting that with an external recorder. Now to see if anyone's willing to release a very cheap recorder that records in 10 bit and 422. I really hope this thing gets hacked.
http://www.43rumors.com/full-panasonic-gh4-press-text/ 2160p up to 30. 96 is for slow motion. Camera can output 10 bit and 422. 4K codec only shows IPB at 100Mbps. No mention of an All Intra mode yet. I was hoping we'd get an Intra 4K codec with at least 300Mbps. 1080 60p mode with a 200Mbps Intra codec.
I didn't say this earlier but my guess in price is for the standalone GH4 without the external unit. Hopefully the external unit won't cost too much. Its rumored that the internal codec is 8 bit and 422 and with the external unit, it'll be able to output 10 bit and 422. I would have prefererred 10 bit internally as well but still, being able to output 2160p at 10 bit to an external recorder such as the Odyssey will be awesome.
So far it's just the 4K version of the AC90 that they showed off in the past. If you look at the naming, the V750 is a successor to the V720. Another clue would be the fact that it doesn't have a traditional manual ring around the lens. That would mean Panasonic did not show off a successor to the X920 yet. It almost leads me to believe that they might come out with a 4K version of the X920 but that it wasn't ready to show off during CES.
That has to be for slow motion shooting with a time limit. Regular shooting is probably up to 30p. Also it was said to be under $2,000. That doesn't necessarily mean $1,999.something. It can also be a bit lower like say $1,300 to $1,700. . .
Here's what it looks like: http://www.43rumors.com/first-panasonic-gh4-images/
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