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PS Vita for just $100 at Best Buy. It's best to call them to make sure. http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=761675
Why not something like the Panasonic V750? It can shoot 120 frames a second in 1080 resolution. Plus it only costs $600 so it's within your price range.
A moderator from Neogaf have also said their is a big frame rate difference. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=756518 Rather or not that's true, is another matter. I guess we'll have to wait until the game nears release to really find out what both versions will be.
Well, its not that clear cut. Besides being able to shoot 4K in 60p in an Intra based codec as well as 10 bit and 422, the Z100 also has a much faster and longer zoom lens. Still it's a toss up when it comes to low light abilities meaning eighter can be better and to some people, the lighter weight and much cheper price is a huge benefit.As for a more pro version of the AX100. it wouldn't surprise me at all. Just like the HC1 had a more pro version with a little extra...
The chip that I linked to can only handle up to around 30p at 4K so I don't expect 2160 60p eightter. That's assuming the camera gets released this year. What I meant was that I'd expect to see 60p if it were to be released in 2015. Meaning I'd expect a next gen 4K chip. I did mean all types of 4K cameras.
Eighter the body will look like the GH3 or they just don't want to show off the real one yet. Panasonic already have a 4K capable M43 chip so theirs no reason to wait that long. I'd expect it to record to 2160 60p if it were to release in 2015. I'm hoping it'll release by June of this year at the most. http://www.semicon.panasonic.co.jp/ds8/c3/IS00006AE.pdf I can't wait to see the rest of the 4K cameras coming out this...
As an update, the dealers might be getting them on March at least according to 1 poster on another forum and obviously that is not an official statement from Panasonic. I don't even think it's available for pre-order yet. http://www.dvinfo.net/forum/panasonic-lumix-gf-gh-series/520941-gh4-coming-4k.html#post1828230 A lot of neat 4K toys coming out soon. I might want to get a 4K camera myself this year but that might depend on rather or not I have video gigs that will...
In the past, we almost had a Nindendo PlayStation.
The V750 does seam like what you're looking for. Same internals as the W850 but without the second camera. It's also only $600.
We cannot just compare bit rates of 2 very different H.264 codecs. The Z100's codec is Intra frame based while the AX100's codec is GOP based. A fairer comparison is against the AX1 that also uses a GOP based codec. 2160 / 30p is 100Mbps for the highest setting and 60Mbps for the lower setting. With that said, it would be nice if Sony offered a 100Mbps setting for the AX100. It's a given that people will try to hack the GH 4K camera. No guarantee of being successful but...
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