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Actually, I dug around enough and found a thread on another forum that discusses a similar television and why this model would also apply. But I don't know what the rules are here for reposting info from another forum, or if anyone's interested.
That's just it, I don't have the service manual. Not looking to promising on finding it. All I want to do is access more of the image that's presently cropped out too far. Beyond TV-safe boundaries, to be honest.
Thanks for all the input guys. Are there any precautions I need to take for accessing the service menu(apart from the obvious writing down of settings before changing them)? I used to do it on my old HDCRT, I just want to make sure I'm not forgetting something about number of hours of viewing, etc.
So, I got the TV today. IT is in incredibly good shape, image-wise. It's definitely better than my previous CRT-HD was. There is only one geometry "issue" and it's admittedly picky. The top left corner is bent in a bit from the left but it's only really noticeable if you set the screen to 4:3. I have the instructions for getting into the service menu but I'm still trying to figure out what the commands are once you're in there. I did a colour calibration with my Avia disc...
I seem to have misled you by omitting information. I was trying to be brief.Myself, and the person selling the TV are both in Paris, France. They're a short walk away and about 5 minutes away by car to be exact. I'm just writing on this forum because I recently moved here and I've been a member for some time and I like the feedback I get from the community. However, the HD CRT I have now is actually one that I DID bring from the states (Samsung TXT-3092WHX) which I'm...
I've had a Samsung Slimfit since it came out but I think it's end time is drawing near. I'm being offered another, the WS32Z419T for 60 euros. It's on an online site so I can't physically see it but this person is describing all the important things well. It seems to have been well cared for. He claims to have had it set to 'Standard' the whole time. Which on Samsung slimfit means 50 on every setting and 70 or so on contrast. My question is that I can't seem to find a...
Thank you! Just went over to avforums. Any other EU based forums would be great to know about. "extended periods with SD\4:3 material that is not stretched could create IR on the plasma you buy" - VERY good point. But it won't be THAT much time on 4:3 content. I just want it to look perfect when I do watch.
I'm coming to Plasma from my CRT-HDTV. It's a Slimfit Samsung TXT3092WH model that was working perfectly until just recently when I started noticing what might be a small convergence issue. In any event, I do know a thing or two about Video specs but I thought I'd ask the community here because I simply am not up to date on what flat-screens are doing these days other than to know definitively that contrast ratio and general imaging specs lean me towards Plasma over...
Hello... if anyone's around... Does anyone happen to know what settings in the service menu of the TXT3092WH Slimfit can be used to address tiny convergence issues?
Ok, cool. It's not even a halo, it's like the faintest line of darkish red. I'll see how it progresses. I would hate to have to lose this TV. I'd get another CRT-HD if I could find one here in France.
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