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A friend was doing a cleanout for an A/V installer, and was given a Da-Lite screen assembly, which he passed on to me. It's part number 80317, which, according to a document I found online, is a "Fabric and roller assy., Da-Mat 58" x 104" - 119" diag." It's still shrink wrapped, and doesn't appear to have ever been opened. I assume there's a lot of extra hardware needed to make this usable. Can anybody give me some pointers as to what's involved in making it usable? I'm...
I wasn't aware that the Oppo supported DVD-A over HDMI. That's an interesting option to consider. Thanks for pointing it out.
Thanks for all the tips. I'll look into some of the suggested options.
It looks like analog 5.1 inputs on receivers have become something of a rarity these days. I'm looking to upgrade my old Onkyo unit, and since I still listen to a lot of SACD's and DVD-Audio surround discs via my pioneer universal player, this is a feature that's important to me. Can anyone recommend a decent sub-$1000 receiver that has 5.1 inputs? I'd also like it to have a phono pre-amp and 2 hdmi outputs, but I can work around both of those requirements. I'd be OK with...
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