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This little monster has been a steadfast companion for about 3 years now. Purchased new in box from audio-magus when they were still around, it's in basically perfect condition. Has seen a total of about 800 hours use. Will ship without original box, but with original power supply. Asking $225 firm.
I have a new HD Duo sititng at home that I'd like to find a new home for. I'm asking $450 for this, buyer pays shipping. Dune HD Duo is the uniquely equipped network media player. This model is oriented towards demanding customers who do not like compromised solutions or limitations related to home media library storage space and ease of access. For this purpose the engineers from Dune HD have equipped the Dune HD Duo with two hot swappable HDD racks for 3.5’’ SATA...
Damn - and they're local. Too bad it's a full system Just the towers would be quite attractive.
Nothing too insane - headphone and bookshelf systems are both shown. Best upgrade overall lately has been the IsoAcoustics stands that my bookshelves are on - massive improvement!
I just finished posting my review of the 3313CI - Batpig, thanks for the images of Airplay and the iOS app, I used them for exampled in my review (credit given, don't worry!). I have already recommended this receiver to several friends and acquaintances - it's a really outstanding value. http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/receiver-reviews/62225-denon-avr-3313ci-v-receiver-review.html
I have a PNS X-CS but it wouldn't match well...
It depends what Stewart screen you're comparing it to - as the monoprice is really a 0.9-1.0 gain screen - I generally compare it to the StudioTek. Stewart's StudioTek for example is a beautiful screen - but this is largely due to the design of the frame and masking options. Stewart material tends to have a flatter color curve, and be slightly brighter (A consisted 1.0 gain vs the Grandview which tends to be closer to 0.9). In general my experience is that...
I can't imagine why you would want to do that. Monoprice screens (Grandview) are better than Elite in my opinion - at worst you're not sacrificing anything by using the monoprice/grandview material.
Texas: West Houston: Paradigm Signature 100 v5's, Paradigm CC-690, Paradigm SUB15, Onix Reference 1's, Onix RSS-300's. Dedicated sealed 18x12x9 room.
I think those guys deserve a little more latitude than you've given them, considering this is a hardware problem too. It's not like they can just make the components work by fixing a few lines of bad code like software developers can. That said, reading that thread they certainly seem to be doing their part, and discouraging people from purchasing the unit when there's nothing else on the market delivering the same resolution is a bit futile.
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