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Today, Anonymous would hack the aliens and give us schematics for super weapons. Of course, that's assuming Anonymous doesn't side with the aliens.
It's a poly/vinyl material with a black backing. It's easy to clean with windex/glasses solution if a mark gets on it. I've found that glasses cleaner works well if the screen gets a spot on it. It's not AT, as stated above, but the gain and uniformity is excellent.
All, I can confirm these are Grandview screens (their rep Charlie Shao from Grandview told me so directly). I have owned a fixed frame Grandview 92" screen for over a year and love it - the frame is of great quality. I also just recently put together a 130" Monoprice screen for a co-worker and it is the same screen with a different logo. They are a slight PITA to mount on the wall due to poor instructions, but I highly recommend the screen overall.
God of War and Darksiders are also some guilty pleasures of mine, I love the scores and sound effects.
You need to remember the scale of PSN's backend - it's more than likely doable within 24 hours, but you can't implement new firewalls, NAC, PKI and other technologies overnight - that takes time to do right, and I'm sure the last thing Sony needs right now is to have their "slapped together" new security hacked all over again.
If they have even a moderately prepared IT group - DR and recovery of their entire PSN infrastructure was probably complete in under 2 days. The delay now is re-architecting their security from the bottom up. It's extremely complex to implement the more secure technologies on a large scale, and I'm sure they are working as fast as possible along with a small army of outside help (security experts, vendors, and consultants).
That sounds more like it's the limiter kicking in rather than bottoming out. You might have a massive artificial peak as a result of EQ or audyssey that's causing the problem.
Some time ago I posted that I would be reviewing an S6 based system. The review is now up if you care to read it. I miss these speakers... http://www.hometheatershack.com/foru...-1-review.html
The color timing of this release is superior to that of the DVD's - i'm fairly certain (without having seen them recently) that the DVDs were actually quite far off from the theatrical presentation. The colors of this movie are excellent for their time.
Hang in there Dave, Japan is in our prayers here right now.
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