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While I understand your intent - there is a definite group of people who discredit all screencaps as worthless. I fall in the camp of those who think that a film that looks "film-like" in motion, will have the same appearance in still shots. This isn't a question of validity, just preference. I respect those who want to watch the film and then make up their minds instead, but I also enjoy seeing screencaps for my own edification. Are screen captures susceptible to terrible...
Assuming no major difference in methodology, they probably just chose better scenes. I was pretty haphazard in my selections. The screenshots above were all completely unprocessed - captured using the MPC-HC save image feature. I don't generally dump I frames and sort through them later as it's a lot of work.
I am well aware of how to properly take screencaps, this was a case of haste on my part causing me to ignore something that I normally check. I know the result of all this is very unfortunate and I have already apologized. I have been taking screencaps for a long time and should have known better,but I didn't force anyone to make a snap judgement.
The screencaps in the lower spoiler tag are Haali encoder images with all video card options disabled just for good measure. These "false scenes" were what i watched on my actual review system, and they do look pretty terrible at times. It seems like the good news is that the other live action sequences look MUCH better.
I'm normally very careful to disable all these "negative settings" on my machine to take screencaps - the issue in this case was that I forgot installing the new card would reset them all, I apologize profusely to all affected - this was something that simply slipped by me.
Eric - good catch, I installed a new video card about a week ago and haven't reset my options in CCC. I've redone a large number of screenshots using Haali and have also turned the options off in CCC. This was a stupid mistake on my part everyone - I apologize.
I'll repost with those settings momentarily.
Sorry Robert, It's really that bad.
Just got back from a quick 5 minute watch - overall, i'm extremely disappointed. This is the worst possible result I could have imagined from a 6k scan.
I can say that seeing it on my PJ is no more complimentary - some scenes are certainly worse than others, but on the whole this is a massive disappointment.
New Posts  All Forums: