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Okay folks, PNG's are posted. Sorry for the poor selection, just have limited time today.
These are direct screencaps from MPC-HC using EVR DX9 rendering. I'll post some PNG's shortly.
See the bottom spoiler tag, screenshots are now corrected and accurate.See post lower down:I'm normally very careful to disable all these "negative settings" on my machine to take screencaps - the issue in this case was that I forgot installing the new card would reset them all, I apologize profusely to all affected - this was something that simply slipped by me and I should have thought to check it. My thanks to Eric for noticing.If you'd like a rar/zip of all the images...
Received my copy today. Will post some screencaps when I get a chance.
Are you still using the Catalysts for your mains? I know you had ordered some power conditioners.
Hi All, I currently have the SUB1 in my system for review and have been extremely pleased by the performance. I have not have a chance to hear a SubMersive unfortunately. Is anyone able to give me advice as to which sub you would think will perform the best? I suspect down low the SubMersive would win - but without hearing it it's hard to be sure. Assume for now that we're talking one SubMersive vs one SUB1, which would you choose? Thanks!
Peter, is this 3D conversion done using the "new technology" you posted about a few weeks ago?
Happened to me when I bought mine as well, I waited another 2 weeks and found the price I was after again. Lesson learned though - if you are ready to pull the trigger and the price is great, don't wait on it.
If you can support the tv via a VESA wallmount attached to some wood, then yes- using the bottom of the bezel - definitely No.
In no particular order for PQ/AQ and a fun watching experience: 1. How to Train Your Dragon 2. Avatar 3. The Sound of Music 4. Beauty & The Beast 5. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
New Posts  All Forums: