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Go back a page or two, he finished it and it is amazing .
I have the same problem with my W6000. The screen is 100% flat with a robust fixed frame, but no matter what I do I can't seem to get perfect focus on the sides of the screen.
I posted my review a couple of days ago without proper output/THD data (still in need of equipment in that regard) but my findings were in line with HT mag . http://www.hometheatershack.com/foru...w-updated.html
You might need to have the remote learn the "." signal from your stock remote if that's the case and manually substitute that function in the software for that device's buttons.
Looks like this one could be quite good (if not as easy to use): http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/05/r...c-not-your-wi/
In about three weeks I'll be receiving the following for review: 2 x Signature S6 2 x Signature ADP3 1 x Signature C3 1 x SUB1 Very excited to see how these sound in my theater. I've not had the chance to spend some serious time with Paradigm's top range speakers, but my plan is to buy these if they impress me as much as I expect they will.
The lens shift is like a stick that you move in 2 axes, so it can be a little inexact, but I think you'd be able to converge them with some effort.I can't speak to the brightness personally as I only have one, but my brightness hasn't changed much at all in the 1100 hours of use I have put on.
This is big news, when I can buy prescription passive glasses and a new TV, then I'll consider it.
I've never heard of a banana plug you need to crimp, most use some sort of screw - either the very bottom screws off and pinches the wire or a small retention screw does. Can you post a pic?
Awesome, keep us posted.
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