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http://www.technologyreview.com/comp...1/?ref=rss&a=fLooks to be a neat discovery:
The original manufacturer of the amp (The V3 Amp) wants 225 dollars for a replacement - I'd go with the Turbo kit for sure.
[quote=tgaffner1;19164023][quote=vasyachkin;19159237]probably because you built a stupid design with port elbows that obstruct airflow.Irrelevant, he's just an elitist, don't mind him - no one else here does.
Just ordered one, looking forward to seeing the results.
Spoiler   [[SPOILER]]
As in, cancelled?
That looks like a cable length/bad cable issue to me.
My wife had to agree to my man cave clause (and I to her house decorating clauses) before the ring went on her finger .
I'm really looking forward to the CS18.2 - it seems to have everything I'm looking for.
A valid point. Down here we're not quite at that point yet - rent is very close to a mortgage here, and combined property\\utility tax is still moderately reasonable (1.6%).
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