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Accommodation can never be free, so rent/buy whatever you do, it's still going to cost you money. The difference is that buying you have the potential to realize a profit at some point, with renting that's just money lost.So yes, in short living is a liability, but it sure is nice to get some of that cash back at some point.
I would argue that homes bought in the typical manner are a liability. If you buy a house you can afford to pay off in 10 or so years at a good (
If you plan it well, nothing it as good an investment as a home. That will definitely be worth your time.
I think he's having too much fun enjoying his bass
My review for the Blu-Ray is now up, if anyone is curious how the disc turned out: http://www.hometheatershack.com/foru...ay-review.html
That's a good start - now for some major studios.
Strikes me as more than a little suspect that they don't have specs - surely TC Sounds has specs if they built the driver?
Good to hear - I'm in Westheimer Lakes and would sure love an alternative to AT&T or Comcast for internet.
Are you sure you mean square feet and not cubic feet? An 1100sqft area is pretty large..
Glad to hear you have achieved your end goal! I wonder whether all major audiophiles share the same obsessive streak - it takes serious patience to go through all that cash and pain to finally be happy.
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