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Alan Wake (2010) http://www.avsforum.com/products/alan-wake/reviews/4380
Well that explains a lot. Yes, the FM Analog RDS data works fine with the built-in tuner. With the HD Tuner - no data (Analog or Digital) for RDS. It really sucks! The reports are that the same HD Tuner used with another head unit works properly. The report is from eopinions. Write me for the link because I don't have enough posts here to post links.
Thanks for the question. I should have posted an update of my experience with the unit. Since that time I have done several things with the unit and have additional reports:USB Support: Attached USB storage devices (other than an iPod, which I'll discuss separately) will support music only. In addition, you would be wise to limit the USB drive to smaller thumb drives instead of hard disks. The reason is two-fold. First the power supplied to the USB device is at the...
I just purchased this unit as well and have it setup with the Sirius module. I haven't tested out all the functions thoroughly yet, but some things are a little troubling and I hope that these may be cleared up with a future firmware update. Initial impressions:Absolutely Terrific Nav unit based on the Garmin C550. Nav is the are where a lot of the Double-DIN units have fallen short and Garmin units continue to be best in class for speed, accuracy, and options.My first...
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