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After looking at those pictures, I would tend to agree on the design issue, but not because of it's location relative to the fan, but the fan's location. Shouldn't it be in a position so that it has a relatively straight path to pull air across the heat sink fins?
I still haven't watched my HD DVD of An American Werewolf in London, but strongly agree about The Untouchables. I have the LaserDisc which was a very good transfer, but never noticed that in a bunch of scenes Kevin Costner had pretty bad razor burn. Well not until I watched the HD DVD.
Yup, that's why I haven't posted pictures of my weak effort. All I did was buy a display Salamander synergy and replaced all the posts with those of a different height from 8020.net. (Thanks to the poster on this thread that pointed out 8020.net. It helped me convert a floor model triple 20 into a triple 30 for a combinded price of just under $550. The new posts cost more than the floor model stand. Part two will be post worth. I'm adding another section (like a quad) on...
Don't think I didn't want to, but the CFO nixed anything that that wasn't revenue neutral. That is to say I have to sell our 37" Sony RPV LCD (the one that has the same height & width as the 32" XBR tube) and the OmniMount Power 55 I won to cover any purchases. As such this was the best chance I've had in a long time. Me too. Even if I only get two or three years out of it, I'll be happy. I haven't touched a thing yet and it looks great. The extra size really completes the...
Well even without a response from the group, I jumped on this. $500 was too good to pass up.
Anyone care to chime in on how much a used 50" 5089 is worth? I'd guess that the number of hours on the set would be a factor, but what's the ball park on these?
Lord of the Rings Trilogy BD (Theatrical of course) $39.99 @ Fry's B&M 7/7/2010 ONLY. Linkage
Toshiba 46SV670U @ Wally World. Local dimming LED backlight. Linky
wally world has the toshiba 55" SV670u for $500 less than your budget. Toshiba at wally world Granted it was released mid-2009, but an outstanding set just the same. you could also go for the 46" of the same line and spend the $1k you have left over on a REALLY nice AVR.
If there are any thread readers that are still on the fence. I would suggest you take a trip to walmart's website for the best prices I've seen in quite some time. Okay, ever.
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