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Played the demo...and loved it! Great graphics, and great risk/reward system! Feels...great! THIS is the boxing game I've been waiting for! First day buy!
Um....thanks, this what I've been trying to say! 1080p is my girl. No way am I leaving her for some 3-D slut.
I think you guys have answered my questions. My concerns are about the vividness of the original colors and picture, and losing pop. 3-D only impresses me if the picture is not distorted in ANY way. So, I think standards will be set.
Is the new 3-D more color accurate than this red and blue filter look? Take this Fight Club pic as an example of the type of clear, and color accurate 3-D imaging I'm asking about.
So the new system provides total original picture and color feedback in 3-D form?
I've never seen a movie in 3-D in theatres. Is it the same blue and red colors that have always been 3-D? Or, do you see the real colors in 3-D? The last movie I watched in 3-D was Journey To The Center Of The Earth at home, with the ugly blue and reds. I borrowed it, and thought the effect was cool, but hate the distorted colors. I'm still enjoying the heck out of my Samsung 5271, with Auto Motion Plus. Turning AMP on High while watching sports, and videogames, gives me a...
Wow. Only a 84 so far on Metacritic. Not the elite game I was hoping for. Actually, I could sort of tell that this wouldn't be my thing. I appreciate Remedy making it an action....but maybe they shouldn't have. I mean, a cover-based, shoot em up game is one thing. But, in the dark, with a flashlight and pistol (or shotgun) just seems sort of boring. Yeah, I know, Bioshock was similar. But, the episodic nature of this one is a turn off, too. Whatever the case, not quite...
I like this pick. I also think I'd welcome a Breakfast at Tiffany's remake.
1. Where's Castlevania? Blasphemy. 2. Skate. Seriously?! 3. My personal opinion (not my personal tastes) says Mario or Zelda.
Terrible! Just terrible! Spoiler   [[SPOILER]] And the actual "scary", "bloody" parts are laughable in comparison. JEH as Freddy is fail all around (so are the rest of the cast choices). Some shorty overacting, the same as Christian Bale in TDK. These very low, very raspy indifferent voices just sound stupid these days. It's much harder to shock these days, that sometimes the best approach is simply not trying so hard, IMO. Especially when a...
New Posts  All Forums: