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A new graphics package this year for FOX. Seems like they're trying to emulate Formula 1 with the leaderboard on the side of the screen. I wonder if it'll be the same for actual races?
All I know is that the LIVE | NBCSN logo on NBC Sports Network is in the top right hand corner of the 16:9 safe zone.
I don't normally watch UFC, but I noticed the preliminary fights on FS1 do not have the bottom score line on. I can't remember EVER seeing no bottom scorebar since FS1's inception. In fact, I watched more than I normally would because there is no scorebar. IMO, it just makes it look more professional when there's no scorebar. Can anyone else recall another event on FS1 without a bottom scorebar?
Watching via Cablevision. I didn't know it was on tonight, was just flipping through the channels when I spotted it. NBC SN is showing the TSN feed, but has the NBC SN bottom scoreline on, with the main picture in squeezed up in squish-o-vision. Horrible, just horrible.
NFL RedZone channel via Cablevision. ATL/TB (FOX) has the worst picture quality out of all the early afternoon games.
This is what happens when you mix Gatorade and a TBS camera.
Be lucky you don't live in Arizona. The only market in the country not able to watch Denver/Dallas today.
I would normally agree with you about on-screen graphics overload. But, in this case, I have to disagree. The pitch box is only seen on the CF camera with the pitcher on the rubber. Once the ball is in play or the camera angle is changed, it is no longer seen. Except in the (now) extremely rare case of someone stealing home, I can't see anything of importance that the pitch box is blocking.
I doubt there will be a weekly thread made, so might as well just make one for the season. This will include games on CBS, FOX, ESPN, NBC, NFL Network, and local simulcasts. Please include provider and station ID where applicable.
New Posts  All Forums: