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Picked up a yamaha 765 last night, pretty sweet! anyways, I just want to make sure that to connect a turntable to the AVR, I need a phono preamp? Is that right? Any recommendation on a decent inexpensive one? (maybe 50$ ish) thanks!
man... I was set on picking up the 1910 and now this thread has me thinking of the getting the 707. Couple questions if anyone here can answer them. 1)I like the dynamic volume feature of the 1910, I think this is an audyssey feature.. Does the 707 have all the same audyssey effects? and thus have the same dynamic volume feature? EDIT: a little but of research quickly answered this question, sorry about that. 2) the 707 has an HDMI input on the front, does this mean I...
Hey all, So I'm in the process of putting together my first home theatre system.. I've picked up a pair of Polk Rti4s for a good deal on boxing day, and I will be picking up a denon avr 1910 to use with them. I'm in an apartment so only have room/use for a 2 channel system for now, but I hope to buy decent stuff so I can easily add on later to go to 5.1 and maybe 7.1 Aaanyways, i have little experience with receivers, if I find that the two speakers are bass heavy...
Ah that sucks, well I guess multiple optical cables it is
No all I have right now is the TV... (hides.. haha..) Cable box is hooked up via Component.. If it doesn't end up working I may just have the other optical laying out next to the decoder then just switch when I need to. Or buy a toslink switch
Hey So I will be purchasing some Tritton AX pro headphones to use with my TV/PS3. I am wondering if I can keep the audio running from my PS3 through HDMI to the TV, and also keep my cable box connected to the TV via component, and then have optical output from the TV run into the headphone decoder. Will I still be able to get 5.1 this way? will it lose quality? thanks!
Sorry if i've used the incorrect wording, I'm wondering which receivers allow HDMI signals to be passed through to the TV so it uses the TV speakers instead of the receiver. In the budget range, is it only the Onkyo 607?
I'll be buying a receiver early august, and I think the DN1000 should be in stores in time for that.. but i've yet to find any reviews of it. The DH-800 seems to be getting a fairly good response, so I have high hopes for the DN-1000. Has anyone picked one up yet or found reviews online?
Better then the 13% tax I'd pay here, haha. I just have to decide whether or not I'm going to claim it at the border, or just hope I don't get checked.. I'll probably wait and see how much I spend total over there
Perfect that was exactly what I'm looking for. They seem to have great prices too. Thanks so much for the help (I'm not familiar with American stores)
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